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DGA approach to providing an aircraft acquisition service begins with combining a comprehensive analysis of the client’s travel needs and specific objectives a client may have for aircraft features.


Private Aircraft

In the past, the opportunity to easily assess private aircraft has typically been available to our clients, but with relatively few options of how to do so. In many cases, the desire for security, flexibility of schedule, specific cabin amenities and business requirements support the sole ownership of an aircraft.


Aviation Business

For several decades, DGA has frequently been engaged to assist aviation attorneys, insurance companies, aircraft owners, manufacturers and service providers in the providing of objective guidance and remedies to a range of issues and causes.


Aviation Finance

DGA has routinely been engaged to assist risk managers of many major aircraft lenders by providing comprehensive technical evaluations of aircraft and helicopters throughout the world.

our vision

We aim to represent, serve, and lead the aviation industry all over the world.

Also to be the most safe, secure, efficient, and economic airline company global under clearly defined rules.

our mission

From beginning to end, the people of MHG serve the international aviation community through hard work and knowledge with an emphasis on service and integrity.

Improve the airline industry to be the most comfortable, safe, secure, and satisfying air transport company.

about us

Business and Commercial Aviation Consultants with an unparalleled combination of expertise and a valuable collection of aviation services.

Aircraft owners, operators, manufacturers, dealers, financiers, bankers, and other aviation professionals look to MHG to deliver cost effective solutions to complex aviation issues. The MHG team of aviation consultants will listen, assess, recommend, and provide information to capitalize on opportunities for your aviation assets and business.

MHG is ready to become a valuable part of your decisions making. Contact us today & let us provide you with the answer you need. With access to operators of the largest network of luxury flights, we arrange access to the ideal private jet for any given charter flight to any destination in the world.

our service

Aircraft Management

We provide complete management solutions for owning, leasing, chartering and operating both personal and business aircraft. Our aircraft management services include several options and are customized to meet each client’s needs, including an array of operating discounts. Every engagement incorporates the highest standards of safety, maintenance, technical support, and best-of-class, personalized support for wherever your travels take you.

Aircraft Maintenance

Aircraft maintenance is a key priority for our clients, and with our full-service maintenance capabilities you will experience new levels of efficiency and economy. Critical support is immediately available and our team of highly experienced engineers and maintenance support personnel who are also at your service.

FBO & Handling Services

As an FBO handler, we ensure that everything goes smoothly from the moment you land until you take off again, with only excellence in mind. We provide a seamless service that ensures the aircraft slots you require, swift disembarkation and onward transport for your passengers and crew, and comprehensive ground services

Business Jet Charter

We offer private jet charter flights to and from any destination in the world, in private aircraft of any size, our staff is available 24/7 for private jet prices and advice.

Flying private with us will let you enjoy a top-quality experience. Simply tell us where you are going, and we will take care of the rest. You deserve to fly in comfort and style. We provide you with traveling standards that you cannot reach by choosing commercial air travel.


Our consulting starts with the acquisition of your aircraft. Only if it truly fits your needs, you will avoid high consequential costs and limited mobility. Our consulting also covers the economic operation and eventually optimal marketing of your aircraft if needed. we take all cost factors surrounding procurement and operation into account




  • 38 Aircraft under management
  • Floated on the London Stock Exchange (2010) value of $15M
  • N° 4 in Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) by fleet size
  • Largest fleet of charter Challengers and Hawkers in the world


  • Full break-down of invoices and flight schedule
  • Company and trust liaison.
  • Payment of Euro charges
  • Payment of airframe and engine programs.
  • Use of DiamondHanger supplier accounts.
  • Provision of crew credit cards.
  • Provision of DiamondHanger discounted fuel
  • Use of discounted DiamondHanger fleet insurance policy.


  • Maintenance forecasting and reporting.
  • CAMP updating.
  • CAA liaison.
  • Engine program reporting
  • AD and SB monitoring.
  • Pre and post flight inspection at base.
  • Support plus reporting.
  • Log book updating.
  • DiamondHanger reduced labour charges with major OEM’s.​
  • of charter Challengers and Hawkers in the world​

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